Ltd. “LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotka” (ООО "Лукойл-Волгограднефтепереработка"). O.S. L’vov, deputy maintenance manager:

“We have collaborated with Ltd. “Constanta-2” (ООО "Константа-2") since 1999. Ltd. “Constanta-2” (ООО "Константа-2") proved to be a competent and honest manufacturer of different purpose seals. During the collaboration the following was delivered to Ltd. “LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotka” (ООО "Лукойл-Волгограднефтепереработка": collars, made of oil-gasoline-resistant rubber, on basis of fluoric and vinylethylene nitrile rubbers for operating temperature of -40°С up to +250°С, working in petroleum products field with diameter up to 600 mm; friction bearings of irregular shape, made of pure and filled PTFE; rubber-cord membranes; rubber-metal silphons of different diameters; resilient members with reinforcing elements of different types (synthetic fibre, metal); compression rings, made of filled PTFE for dry compressor machines”.

Ltd. GDK “Astrakhangazprom” (ООО ГДК "Астраханьгазпром"). N.M. Nasirov, UPTO & K Director:

“Ltd. “Constanta-2” (ООО "Константа-2") supplies seal products for pump-and-compressor equipment, made of F-4 material. For all time seals didn’t break down. Hereupon the conclusion has been made, that the Ltd. “Constanta-2” (ООО "Константа-2") production, used by “Astrakhangazprom” ("Астраханьгазпром"), corresponds to the necessary quality level. ”

OJSC “Volzhsky Pipe Plant” (ОАО "Волжский трубный завод"). The main operation and maintenance specialist O.V. Nekrasov:

“Ltd. “Constanta-2” (ООО "Константа-2") has successfully collaborated with JSC "VTZ" since 1994. For the past years the enterprise has manufactured and supplied different spare parts to JSC "VTZ", inclusive of import-substitution analogues for process equipment of foreign manufacture, made of filled PTFE. The enterprise has also executed works of TPTS-2 machinery overhaul and has manufactured laboratory equipment, made of polypropylene. Governing body and staff of Ltd. “Constanta-2” (ООО "Константа-2") timely react to JSC "VTZ" specialists’ desires, and are ready to resign to the client’s interests. The collaboration with Ltd. “Constanta-2” (ООО "Константа-2") has shown economic benefit and reasonability”.

JSC “Transpnevmatika”. The chief of process management A. E. Kochetov:

“More than 5 years Ltd. “Constanta-2” (ООО "Константа-2") supplies JSC “Transpnevmatika” with own-produced seal production for hydraulic and pneumatic units. Specialists of Ltd. “Constanta-2” (ООО "Константа-2") work in close rapport with client’s engineering and construction departments, and are ready for joint work on solving different technological undertakings. JSC “Transpnevmatika” is planning either the augmentation of the consumed production assortment, manufactured by Ltd. “Constanta-2” (ООО "Константа-2"), or expansion of cooperation spheres”.

JSC “SUN Interbrew” (ОАО "САН Интербрю"), a subsidiary in Volzhsky. U.I. Shevchenko, technical manager:

JSC “SUN Interbrew” (ОАО "САН Интербрю"), a subsidiary in Volzhsky, uses the services of manufacturing and supply import products analogues, made of food rubbers and rubbers-based rubber for severe work conditions, provided by Ltd. “Constanta-2” (ООО "Константа-2") since 2001. Ltd. “Constanta-2” supplied a long list of specifications, and by this way made it easier for procurement and technical support department to work.

For all the period of specifications usage no appeal from production quality occurred.

The table of production, ordered by JSC “SUN Interbrew” (ОАО "САН Интербрю"), a subsidiary in Volzhsky at Ltd. “Constanta-2” (ООО "Константа-2"):

  • Seals of different shapes for valves, particularly vacuum valves of cast beer block (CBB);
  • collars for lift cylinders CBB, seizure collars for automatic machine of bottles seizure;
  • toroid-shape couplings for pumps; segments for jointing toroid-shape couplings;
  • O rings, arched rings".