Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000

Quality management system introduced at the enterprise is designed to guarantee the compliance of our goods and services to high standard requirements and insure further improvements in the sphere of quality.

We take up responsibility for delivering goods and services of high quality.

To realize the quality policy we undertake the following measures:

  • Regular studying of dynamics of consumers` needs and taking up early measures providing readiness of the organization to respond adequately;
  • Establishment of the personal responsibility in the sphere of quality of each manager and each employee at the workplace;
  • Optimized usage of human, material and financial resources for achievement of goals in the sphere of quality;
  • Continuous vocational training and improvement of professional skill of the personnel;
  • Continuous monitoring of managerial processes and taking correcting and preventive measures directed on improvement of quality management system.

In may 2007 the Quality Management System was verified by Certificate of Conformity to requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2001).

Сертификат СМК производство изделий из полимерных материалов, каучука, антикоррозионной защите.

Quality assurance

The company has a laboratory which carries out:

  • Entrance control of materials;
  • Studying of physical and chemical properties of new-developed compounds;
  • Studying of stability of materials in corrosive environments;
  • Control of the geometrical sizes of items;
  • Monitoring of parameters of technological processes.