Company profile

Constanta-2 is a R&D company founded in 1993. Our operations include commercial production and extensive research to engineer and implement innovative polymer-based composites and the products therefrom.

The Company’s founder and General Director Konstantin ZERSHCHIKOV is the graduate of Volgograd State Polytechnic University and Candidate of engineering sciences. We keep in touch with the Alma Mater by engaging the University to conduct studies for us.

Constanta-2 main focus is the manufacture of fixed and dynamic polymer seals and the development of new materials to upgrade them. Our special emphasis is on the study of the physics and mechanics of new composites based on fluoropolymers, PEEK, PPS, PFA and other corrosion- and heat-resistant polymers to improve and customize their parameters.

Since 1996, we have diversified into another activity, corrosion protection of industrial equipment. This activity also combines research and development of innovative anticorrosive materials.

Today’s Constanta-2 is a mature business with 100 employees and the state-of-the-art equipment and laboratory facilities. The principal staff responsible for the production and research management includes one Doctor and four Candidates of engineering sciences.

Production capacities:

  1. anticorrosion coatings shop with shot-blasting, compressor and painting equipment;
  2. industrial equipment anticorrosive coating materials shop;
  3. polymers and composites processing shop comprising:
  • feedstock preparation area (mixing of polymer and elastomer composites);
  • polymer preforms area; mechanical area with NC machines;
  • industrial rubber articles fabrication area;
  • injection molding area;
  • plastic stop valves fabrication area;
  • laboratory with relevant measuring and test equipment;
  • pilot production to test new solutions and materials.

Constanta-2 products are widely used by the power, chemical, petrochemical, oil-producing and food industries. The leading manufacturers of stop valves and pumps and other machine-engineering businesses incorporate our products into their own commodities.

Constanta-2 participates in annual industrial shows of the valve-engineering, machine-engineering, chemical and oil & gas industries, attends workshops dedicated to public utilities sector and the anticorrosive treatment of equipment and structures, scientific conferences and other events where Russian and foreign manufacturers and consumers can network and set up business relationships. In particular, our company is the regular participant of the shows Pumps, Compressors, Valves (Moscow), Antikor-Galvanoservis (Moscow), Ecwatech (Moscow), and others.

The company employees are regular authors in the magazines Khimicheskaya tekhnika (Chemical Engineering), Truboprovodnaya armatura (Valves), Armaturostroyeniye (Valve Engineering) and LKM (Coating Materials).

We are in continuous search for optimized process and technical solutions that can be successfully implemented for the benefit of our clients.

We encourage all our employees to take part in the improvement of our operations. Our task is to consolidate the personnel by the common objective of company advancement and customer satisfaction.