Welcome to the site of Costanta-2 Research & Development company

Constanta-2 LLC is pleased to welcome you on our site to offer you the summary of our polymer and polymer composite products.

QMS Certificate for the manufacture of polymer and rubber products and the anticorrosive coatings.

Since 1993 when the company was founded, we have acquired extensive expertise in polymers, polymer-based composites and elastomers.

We use the most recent innovations in the polymer material science to offer material selection assistance services for different applications and support in the development of seal assemblies. Our expertise enables us to successfully practice imports phase-out for many years by making products capable of competing with and excelling foreign counterparts.

Constanta-2 major activities:

  • manufacture of dynamic and fixed seals of polymers, composites and elastomers;
  • development of new composites based on fluoropolymer, polyetheretherketone, polyphenylene sulfide and other heat- and corrosion-resistant polymers for sealing applications;
  • development and manufacture of imports-substituting counterparts;
  • development of materials and anticorrosive coatings.

For details of the last item in the list, anticorrosive protection of industrial equipment and proprietary protective coating, please go to the dedicated site akz.constanta-2.ru.

Constanta-2 is staunchly committed to compliance with the environmental laws. We have been using state-of-the-art environment-friendly techniques, equipment and materials to ensure efficient management of natural resources and minimize environmental impacts. Thus, the high-precision molding and injection molding methods minimize the production waste of fluoropolymer, polyetheretherketone and other polymer products fabrication.

We are environmentally conscious and strongly oppose environment pollution with waste.

Among the clients of Constanta-2 are: OAO MosEnergo, Lukoil Group companies, OAO Kvadra, OOO Biotekhprogress, OOO TsSK-Grupp , OOO Gidroneftestroy, OAO Arkhangelskiy TsBK, OOO VNIIGAZ, OAO Transpnevmatika, OAO Nadymgazprom, OAO Armalit-1, OOO Energomash-Kaluga, OAO Penztyazhpromarmatura, OOO Samaravolgomash and other leaders of the power, oil & gas, civil, valve engineering and machine engineering industries in Russia and the CIS countries.

Here you will find details of our services and products including the imports-substituting ones. We do hope that our expertise and solutions can help your business thrive and expand.

May your first view of our company evolve into a long-term reliable cooperation! Best of luck!